Will My Acne Go Away

When Will My Acne Go Away?

When you think about it, pimples are the archenemy of our skin. They are a problem that doesn’t go away. Pimples hurt during their forming process, they look disguising once they appear on our face, and if you pick them, they can and will leave a scar. The mark that they leave on your face is the proof that you suffered from acnes.

While many of us would love to see those scars fade away with time, that is not the case. Unless you do something about them, they will not fade. Time is not the cure here. There are treatments that can help you reduce scars visibility. You just need to find the treatment that works for you. Remember, not all treatments work for everyone. Since we all share different type of skin: normal, sensitive, oily, there are different treatments. And acnes also come in different types.

Types of acne

We mentioned already that scars are twice the punishment for our skin. First you must deal with pimples on the face, and then with the marks they leave. Acnes occur due to the pores on the skin becoming plugged with oil. Hair follicles can get plugged due to inconsistent washing and cleaning of the face. Once the follicle is plugged, it presents the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow and cause pimples. Here are some of the common types and forms of acnes.

– Mild acne, or the most common type. They are displayed as white or black heads
– Moderate acne, which are same as mild ones, with the addition of red inflamed pimples on them
– Severe acne, which cause nodules to appear beneath the skin.
Scars are the result of severe forms of acnes.

What to do?

If you notice acnes on your face, get a treatment as soon as possible. If you pick the pimples, you are bound for scars. Not all acnes become scars though.

How to treat scars?

Depending of the type of the scars, there are different types of treatment. You need to consult your dermatologist for the best advice. However, a rule of thumb is that heavy scars can rarely be treated with drugstore products and homemade remedies. In those situations, surgery or a laser treatment is required. However, for light scars, some homemade remedies can help you reduce the visibility of acne scars. Some of the natural treatments include rubbing ice cube on your face, rubbing lemon juice, lavender oil and others.

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