Triple Edition – Starting Strength Weekly Report March 20, 2023

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March 20, 2023

Triple Edition

On Starting Strength

  • Physical Therapy, Injuries, and Rehab – Rip and guest Will Morris, DPT, discuss common injuries, how to rehab them, what to do if you have pain, and how doctors respond to certain injuries.
  • 72 and Stronger than I was in the Marine Corps – Steve and Carolyn discuss how weight lifting at Starting Strength Katy has impacted their overall health as they age.
  • Leaving Healthcare to Build an SS Gym – Ray Gillenwater talks to James Johnson about his decision to leave a profession in healthcare to open a gym to do better what he loves, which is caring for others.
  • An Issue of Tightness by Chris Olson – This article will attempt to show you that many technique errors have one underlying cause (it’s in the title). Recognizing this cause can…
  • First Year of an Affiliate by Steve Ross – My business partner and I opened Brussels Barbell in the summer of 2021, making it the first ever Starting Strength Affiliate Gym in Europe.
  • Weekend Archives: Inguinal Hernia And Strength Training by Jonathon Sullivan – A 32 year-old male notices the gradual onset of a heavy “dragging” left groin pain. The pain is intermittent and…
  • Weekend Archives: “Core” Stability “Training” by Mark Rippetoe – It is a matter of pride to me that I can go through an entire weekend seminar without once using the “C”-word…

From the Coaches

  • What time of day should you train? Morning or evening? Maybe lunchtime? Phil Meggers cuts to the chase . . . with outtakes and shenanigans at the end.
  • What is a hang snatch? How is it different from a power snatch, hang power snatch, or snatch? Phil Meggers covers it all here in about a minute.
  • Phil Meggers discusses the problem of bent (or “soft”) knees in the press as well as how to fix this problem. This is the seventh article in Testify’s series on improving the press.
  • There is almost always a way you can continue to train your deadlift through an episode of low back pain. This PRS Podcast episode discusses three types of back pain while deadlifting and how to modify your movement to continue to train.
  • Bar crash is a very common bench press mistake that is often overlooked for a variety of reasons. Rori Alter explains what bar crash is, how to identify it, issues it can cause, and her very popular cue for how to correct it.
  • Listen to the full interview of Chelsea Savit on the PRS Podcast as they dive into Chelsea’s journey as an elite level powerlifting athlete who had an L5-S1 spinal fusion and returned to the competition platform.
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In the Trenches

Best of the Week

Testosterone tested, questions about results

Steve Cox

I recently had my annual checkup at the VA and overall, except for my neck and having to finally give in and start taking BP medication, I’m in pretty good health for a nearly 62 yo male. At my checkup, I asked the doctor to submit instructions to the lab to check my Testosterone and PSA levels. They came back as follows:

Test, Result, (Reference Range)

TESTOSTERONE (FV), 2.62 ng/mL, (1.75-7.81 ng/mL)

PSA (FV), 1.71 ng/mL, (0.0-4.0 ng/mL)

My two questions here are first, what are the figures saying, other than I appear to be on the low side of “normal”? Specifically, when I try to convert or equate these figures (which I’m guessing represent the Free Value), they don’t correspond to figures I’ve seen elsewhere. Other sites, discussions here included either give no value or are in different values such as mg/dL and such, and so far I’ve not been able to convert these where they make sense with other articles. Second, once converted, how does the VA’s “reference range” value compare to ideal for my age group?

Thanks all for any insight here as it will help me decide my course of action.

Mark Rippetoe

Your testosterone is low. Your PSA is irrelevant. Surely you do not intend to rely on the VA for TRT.

Steve Cox

No, I don’t intend to use the VA for this, especially since they haven’t been in contact to say it needs correction. Thanks for the quick reply coach. Sorry about how the results posted above, I was hoping the tabs would’ve carried over making it easier to read. How does their reference range of 1.75-7.81 ng/mL compare to what is ideal or optimum? That’s what I’m struggling to understand is where I should target.

Mark Rippetoe

You are at the bottom of their reference range. We have discussed this at length on the podcast 4 times. The reference range is the data obtained from a sample of maybe 1000 men. You are at the bottom. Is that where you want to be? Optimum is as high as you can get it.

Steve Cox

Thanks again, and your hint on no upper range optimum is kind of what I suspected. Since I don’t do podcasts, I wasn’t aware of the coverage on this there, so I’ll go look them up.

Best of the Forum

Heart Health and Crap Science


Just like the blue and gray book saved me years of wasted time, I’ve also trawled the forums and I love what you generally say about the majority of doctors peddling bullshit. This is analogous to my general mistrust of medical science. A doctor’s best work is done on the operating table in my humble opinion, not advice on general health and pharmacology.

My work has given me a free private health screening blank check, so I’m just wondering which one of these would you recommend on the “related tests and scans” section if you were concerned about heart health? I’d rather them just give me the cash equivalent for me to put to better uses like procuring some fine hookers and single malt, but I have to choose a test.

Heart Disease Tests

Thanks in advance for your valued advice Rip.I personally have no health concerns because I’m strong, have regular erections and generally feel fine.

By basic diet: I eat 500 grams of sirloin steak and 5 eggs nearly every day and have done for the last 15+ years (to the horror of the lay public whenever food talk crops up who holler “cholesterol” and “fatty liver disease”) with as much mashed potato as I like to fuel the fire, spinach and medjool dates thrown in too.

Mark Rippetoe

Have them do testosterone and thyroid assays, and then get the hell out of there.


Ok Rip, will do, thanks. So all their heart stuff tests are basically bullshit, yes? And my diet above is acceptably congruent to healthy manliness, yes?

Mark Rippetoe

It works for me.

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